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7th Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show & Boutique: Hats off to Mothers

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

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Universal Love Foundation held their 7th Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show "Hats Off to Mothers" at Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills on May 6th, 2007. The event was held in the outdoor gardens of the Four Seasons Hotel. "It was absolutely beautiful, we could not have asked for better weather or setting," said Shirley Kauffman and Shabnam Tavakoli the co-chairs of the event. Attendees wore colorful hats honoring mothers everywhere.

The master of ceremonies for the event was Shahrzad Ardalan, a radio personality on 670AM KIRN who kept the afternoon lively. Ms. Amini, the founder of the foundation, discussed the evolution of the mission of the organization and its current path of helping children and their families during a loss. She discussed the future establishment of the “House of Hope” a much awaited center for grief and loss center in the Conejo Valley. The center would provide grief counseling and support to children, teens and parents. Ms Amini discussed the tremendous effort and funds that are needed to turn this idea into a reality. The ULF House of Hope would be completely free of charge to participants therefore the establishment and sustainment of the center is dependent solely on the generous donations of benefactors. She also described the many ways to help with the center. She urged attendees to volunteer their time, donate items that will be needed for the center or be a donor. ULF has currently established a monthly donor program to help off set the costs of the center. Individuals can support the program at any level from $5/month to $500/month or any flat donation at any time.

The guest speaker was Linda Garcia. She is a Certified Child Specialist and the Manger of Child Development Services at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She discussed the need for a “House of Hope” to help children and families through the grief process be it a loss of a parent, sibling or a primary care giver. The “House of Hope” would provide a safe supportive environment for families to process and cope with grief and ultimately to re-establish supportive and secure family relationships. She also discussed the difference between traditional therapy and grief therapy.

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