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Q: Why did you start the Universal Love Foundation?

A: In the words of founder, Ms. Manzar Amini: "In December of 1992, I was at the UCLA Medical Center, recovering from an eye operation, during which a tumor was removed, when providence brought Sara across my path. She was a beautiful, young single mother, in her early 30s, who had just undergone surgery for retino-blastoma, a form of eye cancer.

As she lay in the bed next to mine, in our hospital room, I heard her softly crying to herself. At first I thought she was crying because she had lost vision in one of her eyes. When I finally got up the courage to ask her directly what was wrong, she explained to me that she was a single mother, with a 5-year-old son, and that she had lost both her job and apartment recently. She had no money to get back to where she and her son were currently staying, upon being released from the hospital the following day.

All night long we cried together. The following morning, I gave her what money I had, but I knew that this was mere "pocket change" compared to what she truly needed and that her problems went much deeper. Afterwards, I asked some of my friends for some assistance, and we managed to raise a few thousand dollars for Sara. While it felt great to assist another human being in need, I knew in my heart that there were so many others out there, just like Sara, single parents who felt hopeless and had nowhere to turn.

I realized then and there, that I had now found my purpose in life, to do whatever was in my ability to assist and empower single parents who find themselves in seemingly hopeless situations. And so, the Universal Love Foundation was formed. Yes, there have been many obstacles along the way, some appearing, at times, to be more like gigantic brick towers to be scaled, but my vision remained focused and clear. Our intent is to grow the ULF into a multinational organization, which will help single parents around the world.

These single parents need our help and support during their times of crises. Many struggle daily to keep their families together, sending their children off to school while working to support the family. So many feel completely alone and abandoned in their efforts to just make it through, with their families intact. The Universal Love Foundation has dedicated itself to helping these courageous single parents by offering financial assistance, emotional support, counseling and other important services. Our goal is to create a sense of "extended family", where they will no longer feel trapped and alone. We're here to provide a place to turn to, during such times of crisis and emergency.

Q: Are you affiliated with any organizations which help single-parent families?

A: Yes. Affiliations include Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, the ULF Scholarship Funds at: California State University - Northridge, California Lutheran University, and Santa Barbara School of Business.

Q: Are donations to your organization tax-deductible?

A: Yes. The Universal Love Foundation is a nonprofit entity organized under the IRS 501(c) (3) rules and regulations and incorporated in the State of California.

Q: How do I know my donation will be used properly?

A: As part of its commitment to judicious use of resources, the foundation completes an annual financial statement. These records are available for public inspection, upon request. The foundation is organized under IRS regulations pertaining to 501(c) (3) corporations, and all rules pertaining to disclosure will be abided by.

Q: Who is on your Board of Trustees?

A: Manzar Amini, Majid Amini, Dr. Anil Chawla, Mantosh Chawla, Dr. Parvaneh Zia, and Linda Garcia MS, CCLS.

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